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Words Connect Worlds

MULTILATERAL is on a mission to help British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals to work better in collaboration – not just in the complex arena of diplomacy and international business but also in the most mundane of situations. 

Professional, warm, flexible, high-skilled, collaborative, and discreet are some of the words my clients use to describe me and the services I provide together with my team of trusted colleagues.

We believe that by talking we understand one another, no matter where we come from or what language we speak, and that words do connect worlds.


Make linguistic and cultural barriers disappear with our culturally-sensitive approach to translation, interpreting, and communication.

Spoken Interpretation

Instant help for those who need to talk to your counterpart in a language they do not speak, be it online, face-to-face or, simply, to save face.

Written Translation

Written or audiovisual materials that are in one language but need to be in another: reports, guidelines, PowerPoint presentations, e-books, and more.


Creative writing for those who have the ideas but not the words or do have the words in one language but need them in another while sounding natural.

Online Training

THE SAVVY COMPANION™ and THE SAVVY TERP™ offer online training and resources to help improve your business and/or communication skills.

Comms Strategy

Often we now what our step #100 will be (basically where we want to get) but cannot decide what steps #1, #2, and so on should be.

Intercultural Support

There is a lot more to communication than just words and ‘reading’ culture and ‘talking’ its language goes well beyond the pages of a bilingual dictionary.


MULTILATERAL is a professional services company with a strong emphasis in languages and cross-cultural communication run by its owner and lead interpreter, Cecilia Lipovsek, and serving British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals.

However, as one can only be in one place at any given time, I sometimes rely on my selected network of trusted colleagues and strategic partners both in Latin America and in Britain to ensure my clients receive the world-class service they deserve.

About Cecilia Lipovsek


I am Cecilia Lipovsek – the Diplomatic Interpreter.

Based in the heart of London, my team and I help Latin America and the UK work seamlessly together.

I am a communicator through and through; from the heart. It makes me cringe when I hear someone say that some things are untranslatable. There might not be a dictionary entry for it, but human experience is always conveyable. All it takes is the right approach.

Born in Buenos Aires and a Londoner by adoption since 2015, I have lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic, a foot on each side of the language and cultural divide.

The more I do my job (seventeen years and going!), the more I believe that words do connect worlds.

My History

2003 – Started my career as an interpreter in Buenos Aires

2010 – After having trained 200+ over-the-phone interpreters, decided to go freelance and moved on to business translation and conference interpreting

2015 – I jumped and relocated to London! Launched MCL, now MULTILATERAL, and specialised in diplomatic interpreting and corporate communication.

Cecilia Lipovsek