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 A live online session to go over the key aspects of Anglo-LatAm cross-cultural engagement.

Because is time to start bringing clarity to the table.

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Start mastering the 55% of cross-cultural interactions that is non-verbal*

The B.I.G. Express™ is a cozy live online session where Latin America and the UK meet and get to know each other.

Think of it as sitting down on a sofa, putting your feet up, and zipping a warm cup of your favourite drink while chatting the evening away with friends; except that the friends are experts in their fields and the chat will help you and your projects succeed.

*Based on Albert Mehrabian components of face-to-face interactions.

What is The B.I.G. Express™

The B.I.G. Express™ is as live online session to position you perfectly so you can maximise your interactions with your counterparts across the Atlantic.

A live workshop

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A resource hub

24 June

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What’s inside

During our session, we’ll tackle the six dimensions of Anglo-LatAm relations to help you improve your cross-cultural relations.

The Anglo Dimension

Do you know the United Kingdom well enough to actually understand it and interact with your British counterparts seamlessly?

The Linguistic Dimension

Do you know what to do when you don’t speak ‘the other language’ and the other person doesn’t speak yours?

The Temporal Dimension

Can you use time-management sensitively to maximise your opportunities?

The LatAm Dimension

Do you know Latin America well enough to understand it and interact with your Latin American counterparts seamlessly and effortlessly?

The Conversational Dimension

Can you successfully manage your ‘transatlantic’ conversations?

The Physical Dimension

Do you know how to navigate a room and handle yourself around your visitors?

The Anglo-LatAm Score




See how well you’re handling your Anglo-LatAm relations or if you’re putting your foot in it!

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For many years, we have been very pleased with MULTILATERAL’s work. Her professionalism has always been extraordinary, and our audience has always been pleased with her work. Therefore, I’m very happy to recommend her work.

Ignacio Peyró

Ignacio Peyró

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Quotation Mark

I cannot think of a better person for diplomatic interpretations or any other project that requires not only skill but also a great command of interpersonal relationships.

Azucena Galettini

Azucena Galettini