Get a Step-by-Step Guide to Master your Anglo-LatAm relations

written by Cecilia Lipovsek

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Cecilia Lipovsek

Are you ready to say ‘hello’? With the right culturally sensitivity and awareness you will be able to master your Anglo-LatAm interactions and build stronger – and more fruitful – bonds.

Based on my clients’ questions and my years of experience assisting Latin American delegations visiting the UK, Prepare! is a five-dimension blueprint for effective intercultural relations.

PREPARE! by Cecilia Lipovsek


For the last eight years, I have been operating in the in-between, bridging the interactions between Latin American diplomats, government officials, businesspeople, and professionals and their British counterparts.

From the sidelines, I have had an incredible vantage point to observe great people in action and notice both the differences and the similarities with which they approach meetings, presentations, networking, projects, decision-making, negotiations, and more.

Prepare! systematises my observations and arranges them in two opposing models (The Slot System and The Flow System) built around the five key dimensions in which British and Latin American cultures differ the most: The Anglo-LatAm Dimension, The Temporal Dimension, The Physical Dimension, The Group & Power Dimension, and The Conversational Dimension.

With Prepare!, you will be able to:


learn the culture


charm your prospects


close the deal

The notion of globalisation is changing

In the 21 century, we are seeing the return of diversity and the rise of political correctness. And, while markets continue to be global and technology and worldwide phenomenons like climate change know no borders, there is a growing need to be ‘more local’ while remaining ‘global’.

This change puts intercultural awareness and sensitivity at the forefront of international interactions and communications. In addition, with Britain embrasing a new global profile and Latin America increasingly positioning itself as the world’s last frontier with its vast natural resources, unexplored markets, and appealing human capital, engaging effectively across languages and cultures is more important than ever before.

With little time at our disposal, this practical actionable step-by-step guide will give you all the tools you need for your Anglo-LatAm professional relationship building.

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The UK
SMILE! Dimensions

Slot vs Flow

According to experts, 55% of face-to-face communication is non-verbal, comprising of body language, posture, and presentation of self, among other things.

The systems described in Prepare! will show you how to master this 55%, regardless of whether you are communicating through an interpreter or you choose to speak the other language yourself.

The five dimensions that make up the Slot and Flow systems, link together to make preparing for a meeting, mission, and/or event and fully participating in them seamless, fruitful, and fulfilling.

Digital First

Digital First

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