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MULTILATERAL Club™ is pretty simple. You get regular support in the form of ‘credits’. A ‘credit’ is a measurement of work which can be across multiple skillsets: interpreting, translation, proofing, localisation, copywriting, intercultural communication strategising, among others.

You can use your membership for us to assist you with meetings, interviews, emails, copywriting, blogs, press releases, brochures, and more.

Club Members can also use their credits across all MULTILATERAL programmes and services with fast-tracked access and at preferential rates.

Who is the MULTILATERAL Club™ for?


Self-employed professionals seeking to offer their services across the Atlantic and needing expert bilingual support for their interactions.


Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and mSMEs with a small core team handling their communications and needing expert bilingual support.

large companies

Large companies interested in providing their teams with ongoing, flexible support for their overseas bilingual communications and interactions.



Quotation Mark

She is not only very skilled technical interpreter; she also detects those cultural and educational differences between groups of diverse nationalities that needs to be additionally explained to assure fluent and understandable conversation.

Michaela Telepovska

Michaela Telepovska

United Nations Adviser

Quotation Mark

From delivering interpreting courses, writing magazine articles, and composing CPD blog posts to standing in at the last minute and speaking at an event. I can fully recommend Cecilia’s commitment to the profession.

Ann Brooks

Ann Brooks

Professional Development Officer