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Cecilia Lipovsek
Cecilia Lipovsek

Work With Someone You know

Real-time, culturally-sensitive, specialist language support for British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals.

Are you coming to London on a diplomatic visit or trade mission but feel your English is not quite up to the mark?

Let my team and I have your back and deal with the 45% of communication that is verbal and in the other language so that the conversation flows seamlessly.

I have been carefully crafting my diplomatic interpretation services for over a decade and the result is almost magic – trust me, or ask any of my clients whose testimonials are quoted around my website and gathered here.

Simply put, we bring clarity to the table.

Working with me is as easy as 1, 2, 3*

Step One

Choose modules

Book a courtesy 15-min fit call to talk about your project and goals or email me on cecilia@multilateral.london

Step Two

Confirm Booking*

Our services are booked on a first-come, first-served basis – or better said, on a first-confirmed, first-booked one.

Step three

Achieve Goals

Interpreting is a team effort. You bring your expertise, we bring ours, and – together – we smash it! Our mission: make you shine.

*I work with a very select team of top-tier colleagues, so all bookings are subject to availability. Terms and Conditions apply.


Presentation Preparation

Select this add-to to get support to help you create, translate, and/or revise your presentation or speech; plus 1:1 rendition practice.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

The B.I.G. Brief™

Select this add-on to access a private online session to prepare your delegates for their visit to the UK.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Visit OR Event

Mission Companion™

Diplomatic visits, trade and technical missions, bilateral meetings, trade shows from Latin America in the UK handled with the utmost professionalism and with my signature method for diplomatic interpreting.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Expert Sessions

Knowledge exchange by LatAm and British experts, academics & government officials in online, in-venue hybrid conference settings.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Cultural Events

Cultural diplomacy in action. Cultural events require  as much finesse and richness of expression in the other language, too.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Daily Summary

Select this add-on module to have a summary sent to you and your delegates with the highlights of each day of your mission.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Local Host

Select this add-on and have a bilingual ‘local’ accompany you and your delegates as you make the most of your off-time.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.


Follow-up Sessions

Select this add-on module to access preferential rates on your post-mission/post-event sessions.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Content Recording

Select this add-on to have your post-mission/event content recorded in ‘the other language’ so you can share it with your audience.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Wrap-up Summary

Select this add-on module to have a summary sent to you and your delegates with the general highlights of your mission or event.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

Next Steps

The B.I.G. Roadmap™

A private session pack-full of expert advice and support to help you draft a clear ACTION PLAN to open markets, achieve your goals, and engage seamlessly with your counterparts across the Atlantic.

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.


Get access to flexible support from MULTILATERAL’s team to either:

  • follow-up with your newly-made connections across the Atlantic
  • initiate and stay in contact with your counterparts

Book a 15-min Fit Call here.

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See how well you’re handling your Anglo-LatAm relations or if you’re putting your foot in it!

Quotation Mark

Her calm and friendly personality together with a very high standard performance made the experience seamless.

Mariana Casale

Mariana Casale

Narrative Bibliotherapist & Literary Consultant

Quotation Mark

There are three main reasons why working with Cecilia is always such a pleasure. Firstly, peace of mind: you simple handle the job to her and it is done. There’s is nothing else for me to do other than my own work.

Veronica Muñoz de Andrea

Verónica Muñoz de Andrea