Does your project need a shot of steroids AND a white globe touch?
Thinking of doing business across the Atlantic and you’re not sure what your next 5 moves should be?
Maybe you already got started but feel like, somehow, you keep putting your foot in it?

My Engagement Express™ is a flash private session pack-full of advice and support to help you engage effectively with your counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean.

The outcome:

A plan of action to move forward on the straightest path to success.


To make sure you’re implementing the plan successfully, it includes:

  • 30 days of Telegram access

  • two 30-min follow up support calls

Book below or schedule a call to see if it’s a fit here.

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Intercultural Dialogue for Latin America & the UK

Intercultural Dialogue for Latin America & the UK

On-demand virtual course in collaboration with FuturEd and the British and Argentine Chamber of Commerce.

This course introduces three practical aspects of cross-cultural interaction between Latin America and the UK, together with tips people from each side of the Atlantic Ocean can implement to work seamlessly with their counterparts.

Proudly written by me

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WELCOME! by Cecilia Lipovsek


A Very Practical Guide to Diplomatic Interpreting in the 21 Century

Written by Cecilia Lipovsek

Prologue by Tony Rosado


Lessons, Inspiration & Anecdotes of My First Two Decades in Interpreting

Written by Cecilia Lipovsek

JUMP! by Cecilia Lipovsek


A DIY Guide to The Terpreneur™ Method

Written by Cecilia Lipovsek

Prologue by Alejandra Jorge



She always goes the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. I’d like to recommend her for her professional, warm and very diplomatic attitude.

Veronica de Munoz de Andrea

Verónica Muñoz de Andrea



I found her to be accurate and concurrent, providing a better understanding for all the participants. Cecilia was also very updated on terms regarding our topics which we covered.

Bernhard Garside

Bernhard Garside, OBE