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Master your Anglo-LatAm interactions

How? Access The Engagement Workshop™ to get a culturally-sensitive and actionable step-by-step guide


Step 1: Learn the culture


Step 2: Charm your prospects


Step 3: Seal It with a Handshake

When you use The P.I.C.I. Method™,

you Build Stronger Bonds.

You read the books, attended a talk and then wondered… what’s next? Knowledge is power and just the first step. Simply understanding how the Slot and Flow systems work isn’t enough. It’s time to implement them in your projects, your team, and your professional relationships.


Learn the culture

Join the workshop to learn more about the Anglo-LatAm cultural complex and how they compare, contrast, relate to one another, and connect.


Charm your prospects

Learn how to use the Slot and Flow systems to your advantage when networking, designing projects, and managing diverse teams.


Close the deal

People do business with people. When you build stronger bonds, you get to have a different – and more fruitful – type of conversations.

Recorded Workshop

Private Workshop

The Workshop goes live on 15-Dec-2023

Pre-book your access today: £175- £125-

What we’ll cover

The Engagement Workshop™ is organised in bitesize lessons you can work on at your own pace & in your own time

Slot vs Flow

Latin America & the UK

Start making sense of Latin America’s and Britain’s geography, history, key figures, and more importantly their people and heritage. How do they shape the Slot and Flow systems? How do they affect / can help with your work and interactions?

Community & Power

The Group & Power Dimensions

Start making sense of how Brits and Latin Americans organise teamwork, establish and manage leadership and, more importantly, make decisions so that you can plan, tailor, and/or adapt your plans and strategies accordingly.

Time & Space

The Temporal & Physical Dimensions

Learn how each culture approaches and manages time and space and what their approach means within the Slot and Flow Systems. Get actionable tips and resources to plan your work, pack your bags, and prepare your team.

Foreign Languages

The Conversational Dimension

Whether you decide to take the reins and speak ‘the other language’ or you prefer to use the help of a professional interpreter, there’s a lot more to consider than just what you say. How you say it is a key part of effective communication.

What do I get with The Engagement Workshop™?

1 year of unlimited 24/7 access to The Engagement Workshop™

1 year access to MULTILATERAL Communication School™

Sessions and interface in English or Spanish - your choice

Downloadable resources in both English and Spanish

5% courtesy discount when you join the The Great Connector™

The Anglo-LatAm Engagement Workshop™

The Workshop goes live on 15-Dec-2023

Pre-book your access today: £175- £125-

Who is The Anglo-LatAm Engagement Workshop™ for?


Self-employed professionals seeking to offer their services across the Atlantic and usually handling their own engagement and networking strategies.


Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and mSMEs with a small core team sharing the task of networking and presenting the company to the world while building the business.

large companies

Large companies interested in preparing their teams to engage effectively with old and new partners across the Atlantic Ocean.

Quotation Mark

She is not only very skilled technical interpreter; she also detects those cultural and educational differences between groups of diverse nationalities that needs to be additionally explained to assure fluent and understandable conversation.

Michaela Telepovska

Michaela Telepovska

United Nations Adviser

Quotation Mark

From delivering interpreting courses, writing magazine articles, and composing CPD blog posts to standing in at the last minute and speaking at an event. I can fully recommend Cecilia’s commitment to the profession.

Ann Brooks

Ann Brooks

Professional Development Officer