A DIY Guide to The Terpreneur™ Method

written by Cecilia Lipovsek

prologue by Alejandra Jorge

Cecilia Lipovsek

The Terpreneur™ Method is a sustainable and manageable approach to building a solo business run by a single individual with the support of automation and a select network of collaborators.

It also contemplates the difference between working with intermediaries — be them colleagues, agencies or consultant interpreters — and serving your own direct clients.

I know it works because I use it in my own business.

JUMP by Cecilia Lipovsek


The first step when shifting from interpreter to terpreneur™ is learning to be comfortable with the idea of building a successful business around your interpreting skills. I know it is not easy because we are not usually encouraged to do so but, if you think about it for a moment, is there really any other option?

I mean, we are all running businesses, after all — even if we do not want to face it. So, being a terpreneur™ entails approaching your work and your work life differently.

A terpreneur™ is a professional interpreter (‘terp’) that adopts and implements entrepreneurial strategies and tactics (‘preneur’) while running a one-person operation (a.k.a. business or Company of One) in the pursuit of a specific value-adding purpose and in their own style.

With JUMP!, you will be able to:


set a clear purpose for your business


craft a unique proposal for your clients


build a strong professional profile

It’s not you, it’s the model

Running a business is usually baffling for interpreters. Quite the irony, considering the massive complexity of what we do inside the booth. Sadly, interpreting school barely equips us with the business skills we will need once we step out into the world.

By my count, there are five business models commonly used by interpreters, even if unintentionally, that do not necessarily work for us anymore and that are the real culprit behind many of our frustrations. The good news is that, once you find the right business model for your goals, the pieces start falling into place on their own.

Alice's Notting Hill
Alice's Notting Hill
Pillars of Terpreneurship

The Pillars

The Method offers you a roadmap to shift from being a mere interpreter — another drop in the (digital) ocean — to becoming a fully-fledged 21st century terpreneur™. You will learn to spot and test potential markets, understand what memorable brands are made of, and put together a sustainable marketing strategy.

The learning curve will be a little steep at first, but once the ball is rolling and your business is fully transformed, you will be able to maintain momentum with little time and effort.

Discovering ‘Jump’ has been a real game changer. It has encouraged me to think out of the box when it comes to building my profile and interpreting business.

I just wish the book had existed when I graduated, it would have saved me so many hours of reading, thinking, and self-studying!

Digital First

Digital First

MULTILATERAL Books are available in electronic format all over the world.

Print-on-demand editions are also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Just like you, I love holding a book in my hands and writing notes in the margins, but let’s look after our planet and go digital first. 😊