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Lesson 1: the sweet spot

Make a great living doing what you love. It is all about finding the sweet spot between your passions, your skills, and your market.


Sor far

You are at the start line: a qualified, professional interpreter with a lot to offer to your clients but not entirely sure how to go about it.


to learn

Today we will focus on finding THE SWEET SPOT between what you are good at, what you are passionate about, and what your potential clients need and would pay for.


to do

1- Find your SWEET SPOT components. 2- Find one characteristic that sets you apart as an interpreter. 3- Identify how you can bring value to your clients by doing what you do.


Benefits of adopting an entrepreneurial approach:

  1. There is a global trend towards entrepreneurship based on the ultimate goal of creating value
  2. The digital times we are living in are the perfect ground to develop a Global Small Business
  3. Interpreting is a freelance profession by nature, so we’d better master the rules of the game

Benefits of working with a business plan:

  1. It forces us to be clearer about what we want to achieve in our careers
  2. It gives us a better understanding of our market, our resources, and our weaknesses
  3. It allows us to track our actual progress


We are going to take Strategyzer’s Business Canvas Model as our guide for the work we will do during the next couples of days. Based on it, I would like to invite you to reflect on the following:

  • Your KEY ACTIVITIES: What you do, the things you really do well.
  • Your CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: People or organisations for which you create value: simple users and paying customers.
  • Your VALUE PROPOSITION: The bundles of products and services that create value

It may seem overwhelming or, perhaps, frustrating to think about all of this – I know. But remember that this is the starting line of a longer process that will last all of your professional life; hopefully, one that will help you be more aware, present, and in control of your work life.

Below are some resources to help you through this process:


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