Say it once – Say it clear

I know it takes many, many years to become truly fluent in a language – I’ve done it myself! At MULTILATERAL, my team and I make you instantly bilingual (for a little while) so you can maximise your visit to the United Kingdom.

Save Face

Speak Your Language

Be Fully Understood

Are you in good hands?

Some things are too sensitive to leave them in the hands of a stranger.

Opportunity only knocks once.


You feel your 'other language' is not up to the mark and would rather speak in yours


You find some unfamiliar accents difficult to follow and understand


Speaking in public is hard enough to 'also' do it in a foreign language


Waiting for interpreters to translate throws you off your pace - and game


You have been misinterpreted before and don't want it to happen again


You don't want to be the only one in the room who 'needs extra help'

If so, then my signature interpreting services will help you understand clearly what is being said and follow what is going around you with minimum disruption.

Working with me is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step One

Have a Fit Call

Step Two

Get Your Plan

Step three

Execute It Together

Meet Your Voice

Cecilia Lipovsek, Lead Interpreter

Few people in Britain know how to help visiting Latin American delegations make the most of their time in the United Kingdom. As a diplomatic interpreter and creator of The P.I.C.I. Method™, Cecilia has assisted more than 80 delegations and over 6,000 delegates and their hosts so that they can communicate clearly and effortlessly in their preferred language, resulting in cooperation agreements, export/import deals, cooperation programmes, expanded outreach, and more.

What is poor (or no) interpreting costing you?

If you have something to say but your language skills are not your strong suit, there’s good and bad news. The bad news? You’ll have to muddle through, with difficulty and not very satisfactorily, and risk people not quite getting what you mean. So, they’ll move on to talk to and do business with someone they can understand.


You’re not alone. When it comes to pitching, networking and presenting in a foreign language, many experts and business leaders struggle. Their ideas are great when they think them in their own language, but they often get tongue-tied whey they try to say them in ‘the other’.

The good news?

There’s a lot to gain if you can just eliminate the language barrier from your interactions. At MULTILATERAL, we do exactly that. By saying it for you, but in the other language, my team and I make you instantly bilingual (for a little while). You’ll come across as articulated as you intended in the first place. Your conversations will flow. You’ll pitch will have its desired impact. And your presentation will captivate your audience as you hoped. All you need is the right vehicle for your message. A professional linguist capable of interpreting correctly what you mean and replicate it faithfully in a way that makes sense for speakers of the other language and their culture.

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If people don’t get what you mean, they’ll move on and talk to someone they understand. Experts and business leaders who know how to harness the power of their interpreters win on the international stage. Your project and goals shouldn’t suffer because you didn’t ace your English/Spanish exams. Book your 15-min Fit Call today!

What you’ll get

The Mission Companion™ is specifically designed to assist Latin American delegations visiting the UK on diplomatic visits, trade and/or technical missions, and knowledge exchange trips.

Unlike traditional multilingual conferences, diplomatic settings require a unique combination of skills and versatility.

Having assisted more than 80 visiting delegations since I moved to London in 2015, I have combined my own know-how and observations with my clients’ requests and turned them into The Mission Companion™ to give you the support you need, when you need it.

Language Interpretation

Instant Language Support

Responsive Agenda

Provisions for Changing Programmes

Local Support

Ad-hoc Local Host Support

Cultural Sensitivity

Signature Gap-breaching Approach

Hybrid Settings

Meet with WFH Teams

Resource Vault

Exclusive Resources via ePortal


Be useful

I believe we are part of your team, even if only for a few days or hours and, as such, we are here to help you. The secret of good interpreting is to put our entire beings at the service of your message so that you can communicate seamlessly.

Protect confidentiality

Interpreters never interpret and tell. We are unable to repeat it back – even if we wanted to, anyway. However, at MULTILATERAL we take confidentiality one step further and follow The Othello Principle.

Be respectful

It is not about us, it is about you. Our mission is to respect and honour your message; that includes its content as much as its context, its cultural background, and the communicative intent behind it.

Be fair & transparent

From pricing, scope of work, and terms of service to potential conflicts of interest, fairness and transparency are the beating heart of MULTILATERAL.

Mind the little things

The devil is in the detail, and so is success. In languages and in good cross-cultural communication, details do matter. It is not about translating it ‘roughly’; it is about conveying exactly what you said but in the other language.

Keep it personal

Knowing our clients and our clients knowing us allow us to anticipate their needs, adapt to their requirements before they ask, and make the experience of working with us all the better because of it.

Quotation Mark

Her calm and friendly personality together with a very high standard performance made the experience seamless.

Mariana Casale

Mariana Casale

Narrative Bibliotherapist & Literary Consultant

Quotation Mark

There are three main reasons why working with Cecilia is always such a pleasure. Firstly, peace of mind: you simple handle the job to her and it is done. There’s is nothing else for me to do other than my own work.

Veronica Muñoz de Andrea

Verónica Muñoz de Andrea