Bridge the Intercultural Gap and become the most engaging person in the room – a little bit at a time.

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A small course, an online magazine, a video log, and a resource hub all rolled into one. The BIG Hub™ aims to grown into a cozy corner of cyberspace where Latin America and the UK meet and get to know each other. Think of it as sitting down on a sofa, putting your feet up, and zipping a warm cup of your favourite drink while chatting the evening away with friends; except that the friends are experts in their fields and the chat will help you and your projects succeed.

What is The BIG Hub™

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What’s inside

Each week, a new piece of content will be made available inside The Big Hub™, which you’ll be able to access and enjoy with your log in credentials


Meet the key players and experts connecting Latin America with the UK and get their insights on how to connect better.

Mini Lessons

Time is money – on both sides of the Atlantic. Learn only what you need to know in bitesize and dynamic lessons.


Think your English and/or Spanish are up to speed? Think again! Get the little tips that will help you click (and not sink).


A carefully curated collection of downloadable resources co-created with key Latin American and British bodies.

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Everyone smiles in the same language. ~ George Carlin

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She’s organised, a great team member and will find the best solution for your needs. She is out go-to LATAM interpreter and I can highly recommend her services.

Debora Chobanian

Debora Chobanian

Intercultural Trainer


I cannot think of a better person for diplomatic interpretations or any other project that requires not only skill but also a great command of interpersonal relationships.

Azucena Galettini

Azucena Galettini