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Multilateral presents

The Savvy Companion™

Cross-cultural communication made easy for Latin America and the UK.


THE SAVVY COMPANION™ is what makes MULTILATERAL unique – a combination of cross-cultural communication skills, general knowledge, business etiquette and international protocol, people skills, the latest technology, and ad-hoc local host advice that underpins everything I do.

Verbal expression accounts for about 7% of what is communicated when two or more people interact. My INTERPRETING & CO. services provide instant help with that 7%, whereas THE SAVVY COMPANION™ teaches you how to deal with everything else.


All the information and practical resources you need to communicate and work across cultures effortlessly, plus some easy hacks and tools to make swift work of it.

Mainly focused on Latin America and the United Kingdom, but a little bit about the world in general, too.



Every month, I invite one or more experts from my network to MULTILATERAL’s SAVVY CO. BOOTCAMPS so you can master the art of effective cross-cultural, modern communication bit by bit and and from the comfort of your favourite device, wherever you are.


A virtual workshop with everything you need to work smoothly and communicate effortlessly with Latin America (and its many countries) and/or the United Kingdom.

In this camp, I share with you over five years of experience helping Latin Americans diplomats, businesses, and professionals visiting the UK communicate seamlessly.

No abstract theory and no useless blah, blah. Just readily available tools and purpose-built resources put to clever use.

How LatAm Savvy are you?

Latin America is a vast and fascinating continent, almost a world in itself and certainly mroe diversed than most people imagine.

Take my short (and fun) quiz to find out how versed are you in all things Latin America.

How UK Savvy are you?

Few countries are as global as the UK and English has become the de facto lingua franca of the world. Yet, the intrincacies of its culture and regional differences remain a well-kept secret.

Take my short (and fun) quiz and find out how much in the know you are.