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Multilateral presents

The Savvy Companion™

Cross-cultural communication made easy for Latin America and the UK.


Culturally-sensitive communication support for British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals.

THE SAVVY COMPANION™ is what makes MULTILATERAL unique – a combination of cross-cultural communication skills, general knowledge, business etiquette and international protocol, people skills, the latest technology, and ad-hoc local host advice that underpins everything we do.

Verbal expression accounts for about 7% of what is communicated when two or more people interact. Our INTERPRETING & CO. services deal with that 7%, with THE SAVVY COMPANION™ you learn to deal with everything else.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your programme
  2. Sign up
  3. Enjoy!

All our programmes are online, so you can join from wherever in the world you are and take them at your own pace.

Who is it for?

THE SAVVY COMPANION™ is for non-linguists looking to communicate and collaborate effortlessly with the United Kingdom and Latin America: diplomats, government officials, business owners, professionals, experts, communicators, speakers, artists, advisers, personal assistants, and more.