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Multilateral presents

The Savvy Terp™

The practical and business side of interpreting for fellow professional interpreters.


I believe in cooperation. Our entire work as interpreters is based on cooperation: cooperation among the parties we interpret for, cooperation between our clients and us, cooperation between booth partners.

It then feels logical, almost mandatory, for interpreters to work together to build a better future for our profession outside the booth as much as we do in it – sadly, that is not always the case.

THE SAVVY TERP™ seeks to foster such cooperation by sharing business practices, useful tools, and more, as I do believe that together we do go further.


The practical side of interpreting.

They say success is in the details and that clients come back for the added value we bring to the table.

In THE SAVVY TERP™ CLUB, we work on all the extras that make our interpreting skills shine.


You are ready to JUMP! but do not quite know where to start?

Start here. THE SAVVY TERP™ SERIES is a collection of on-demand short workshops to help you with your first steps while you find your rhythm and test your ideas in practice.

It is the perfect companion to my e-book JUMP!


The business side of interpreting.

Go from being just another drop in the (digital) ocean to approaching your work as a terpreneur™ with a purpose and in your own style in only four weeks.

Because it takes one to help one, this is hands-on, virtual workshop for professional interpreters working for the institutions, agencies, their private clients or all three to help navigate the business side of interpreting in an increasingly digital world.

No fuss and no useless blah, blah. Just readily available tools and purpose-built resources put to clever use with options for all levels of investment and tech skills.


Are You Ready for the Digital Age?

Now more than ever, having a carefully thought-out and well-setup digital presence is paramount.

Like it or not, our world is becoming highly digital – and chances are it will stay so.

So… Are you ready for it? Take my short (and fun) quiz to find out!

And don’t forget to grab your FREE GUIDE at the end.