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All the help you need to take your first steps to grow your business while you find your rhythm and test your ideas in practice.

Being a good interpreter is just the beginning.

You are ready to JUMP! but do not quite know where to start?

Start here. THE SAVVY TERP™ SERIES is a collection of on-demand short workshops to help you with your first steps while you find your rhythm and test your ideas in practice.

It is the perfect companion to my e-book JUMP! and the next best thing to the full overhaul of THE TERPRENEUR™ CAMP.


GET agency SAVVY

All you need to know to work with agencies and consultant interpreters in true collaboration.


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on-demand workshops

Get RSI Savvy - 2020


All you need to know to build a compelling online presence.

Get Branding Savvy


All you need to know to leave your mark behind.

Get Business Savvy


All you need to know to run a sustainable interpreting company of one.

Get Networking Savvy


All you need to know to grow your network in a professional and respectful way.

Praise for THE SAVVY TERP™

Great organization, professional presentations and interactions, and key insights shared about this rapidly evolving field of interpreting, with valuable supporting materials and references to professional standards. Topics dealt with in an ethical and responsible way. Thank you and congrats, Cecilia and Virginia!

Praise for THE SAVVY TERP™

Great event, really enlightening!!

Praise for THE SAVVY TERP™

This RSI Boothcamp did not disappoint! Cecilia and her team put immense effort into preparing informative, comprehensive and enlightening training sessions across three evenings. Attendees were not only given great training during the sessions but upon completion of each session they were supplied with an e-booklet, worksheets and immensely useful resource links and relevant information. Well done Cecilia – I have always associated you with quality output and once again, you came up with the goods! Thank you.

Praise for THE SAVVY TERP™

I enjoyed greatly. As a newby in this format I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! Very enlightening and greatly organised. Having representatives of different platforms doing a demonstration is a plus, but I particularly appreciated the know-how of Virginia and Cecilia.

Praise for THE SAVVY TERP™

I really enjoyed my experience at the virtual boothcamp “Get RSI savvy”, the presentations were interesting and to the point, and all my questions were answered competently. I highly recommend it!

Praise for THE SAVVY TERP™

Thank you so much for the invitation to attend the boothcamp on RSI you both hosted. I found it insightful, professional and extremely well put together.  The information provided was clear and enlightening, and even though there was a lot to share, you managed to make all the sessions engaging. Also, the extra material provided (especially the worksheets) and the recommended bibliography will surely be useful for those who want to delve further into the topic. Thank you, once again for helping professional interpreters be part of such a necessary conversation on the present and future of our profession.

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London Metropolitan University
University of Westminster
ITI Conference 2019
University of Leeds
London Regional Group
London Language Show

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