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A four-week, hands-on, virtual workshop for qualified, practising interpreters working for the institutions, agencies, their private clients or all three.

A four-week, hands-on, live virtual camp with everything you need to go from being just another drop in the (digital) ocean to approaching your work as a solopreneur with a clear purpose and in your own style.

I will be sharing with you over five years of experience setting up shop in a new city and letting the world know I am ready to contribute to it through my work.

No fuss and no useless blah, blah, and, most importantly, no need for large investment and outsourcing – unless you want to.

Just readily available tools and purpose-built resources put to clever use with options for all levels of investment and tech skills.


Go from being just another drop in the (digital) ocean to approaching your work as a terpreneur with a purpose and in your own style in only five weeks.


  • Start Date: TBC
  • Fee: TBC



private forum



tech tools

work sessions


on-demand tutorials

joint brainstorming

personal input


progress tracking


panic button

+ 3 months of staggered follow-ups to support you while you implement your ideas and bring them to life

Module 1: business model

Stop “landing gigs” and start taking control of your career and your livelihood.

Module 2: branding & identity

Stop being just another drop in the (digital) ocean and make yourself stand out the right way.

Module 3: online presence

Learn how to leave (the right) trail of digital breadcrumbs so that you can be found.

Module 5: networking & sales

Smart networking will take care of your sales so that you never have to push your services.

Are You Ready for the Digital Age?

Now more than ever, having a carefully thought-out and well-setup digital presence is paramount.

Like it or not, our world is becoming highly digital – and chances are it will stay so.

So… Are you ready for it? Take my short (and fun) quiz to find out!

And don’t forget to grab your FREE GUIDE at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not covered below, please email me at savvy@multilateral.london or use my Contact form.

I've just signed up, what happens next?

Thank you for signing up. I am thrilled to have you onboard. Next, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access your TERPRENEUR™ CAMP and a few tips on how to make the most of it. You will also receive an automated email with your login information.

What if I can't attend a live session?

All live sessions will be recorded and made available the following day in your TERPRENEUR™ CAMP page. You will be able to access the recordings and all other course material with your login credentials during the terp camp and for three more months once the camp is over.

What if I have questions between sessions?

I want you to get an answer to all of your questions; therefore, I have included plenty of time for Q&A in the programme and encourage active participation. You will also have access to your fellow terp campers in the forum and to me via email.

How can i pay for my terpRENEUR™ camp?

My programmes are run entirely online, so you will be able to pay for your TERPRENEUR™ CAMP by debit or credit card via Stripe or via PayPal when you register. All payments are processed securely and no financial information is stored on our site.

Am I committing to ongoing payments?

Absolutely not. The TERPRENEUR™ CAMP is charged individually, so you will only be charged once (when you enrol). All other MULTILATERAL services, such as talks and consulting sessions, are  run (and charged) separately from the camp.

Can I get an invoice or receipt?

Of course. You can download a pdf copy from the payments tab on your Account page. The link to the invoice will be located in the download column of the table that will be shown on that page. It will also be sent with your transaction receipt email.