by Cecilia Lipovsek









Words Connect Worlds

At MULTILATERAL, I am on a mission to help British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals to engage and work better in collaboration – not just in the complex arena of diplomacy and international business but also in the most mundane of situations.

Professional, warm, flexible, high-skilled, collaborative, and discreet are some of the words my clients use to describe me and the services I provide together with my team of trusted colleagues.

Work With Me

Culturally-sensitive, technology-driven, sector-specific international engagement support for Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Engagement Express

A flash private session pack-full of advice and support to help you engage effectively with your counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean.

Language Interpretation

Real-time, culturally-sensitive, specialist language support for British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals.

Bespoke Coaching

Everything you need to prepare yourself and/or your team to engage effectively, work better in collaboration, open new markets, launch new projects, and grow in Latin America and the UK.

I am the expert British and Latin American diplomats call when they want to communicate seamlessly.

I believe that by talking we understand one another, no matter where we come from or what language we speak, and that words do indeed open the door to trade, cooperation, development, and – why not – a better world.



Outstanding professional, very discreet, and always ready to support the Embassy of Argentina to the United Kingdom.

Carlos Sersale di Cerisano

Carlos Sersale di Cerisano


Without doubt, Cecilia is the best interpreter I have been able to work with. She is highly skilled, very professional and flexible.

Juan Carlos Yepez

Juan Carlos Yépez

Trade Commissioner