Intercultural Communication

for Latin America & the UK

Bring clarity to the Anglo-LatAm table

Save Face

Speak Your Language

Be Fully Understood

You’ve come too far to go home empty-handed

Getting tongue-tied is no fun. Don’t be held back.

Opportunity only knocks once.

I don’t just care about words.

I love helping you shine.


20+ years of experience

Plane around the world

80+ Missions to the UK

Anglo-LatAm team

An Anglo-LatAm team

Are you ready to say ‘hello’? Master your Anglo-LatAm interactions and build stronger bonds with your partners – both old & new.

Don’t waste your visit to the United Kingdom. You’ve planned it too carefully and travelled too far to go home empty handed.

Talk to your audience in a language – and in a way – they understand. Build trust, open markets, grow your business.


Where words matter, clarity is queen, and communicating effectively across cultures has taken the place of plain bilingualism as the new way to strengthen your connections, close deals, and make it happen.

At MULTILATERAL, my team and I know you’re the kind of people who want to be as eloquent and easy to understand in Spanish as you’re in English – and vice versa. In order to be that way, you need to be both clear and culturally sensitive in your interactions.


The problem is that mastering a foreign culture and its language requires years of study and a natural predisposition towards words, not to mention travelling and interacting frequently with people from the other culture, which isn’t always possible or everyone’s cup of tea. It takes time and dedication, as well as getting comfortable with the certainty that you’ll make mistakes, get tongue-twisted at the worst possible moment, or put your foot it, sometimes without even realising that you have.

We believe we all have the right to express ourselves in the language we feel most comfortable with and to be understood correctly regardless of which language that is. Having learned many foreign languages ourselves and constantly keeping one foot on each side of the cultural divide as Latin Americans living in the UK, my team and I know what it’s like. We often jokingly say that we exist in the in-between.

That’s why I have taken my decades of experience bridging the gap between Latin America and the United Kingdom and turned them into a comprehensive method I call The P.I.C.I. Method™ that helps people like you be themselves but in the other language/culture.

Here’s how it works, first you Prepare by learning the (other) culture, secondly you Interact and charm your prospects and potential partners, then you Connect with them so you can close the deal and, in time, leverage your success into greater Impact.

We’re proud to bring clarity to the Anglo-LatAm table.

Nice to Meet You

Cecilia Lipovsek

Lead Interpreter & Communicator

Few people in Britain know how to help visiting Latin American delegations make the most of their time in the United Kingdom. As a diplomatic interpreter and creator of The P.I.C.I. Method™, Cecilia has assisted more than 80 delegations and over 6,000 delegates and their hosts so that they can communicate clearly and effortlessly in their preferred language, resulting in cooperation agreements, export/import deals, cooperation programmes, expanded outreach, and more.

Quotation Mark

Outstanding professional, very discreet, and always ready to support the Embassy of Argentina to the United Kingdom.

Carlos Sersale di Cerisano

Carlos Sersale di Cerisano


Quotation Mark

Without doubt, Cecilia is the best interpreter I have been able to work with. She is highly skilled, very professional and flexible.

Juan Carlos Yepez

Juan Carlos Yépez

Trade Commissioner